<h1><b>MICROACES</b> AERO</h1>
<p>The Aero range from Microaces is the Dawn of a New Era in micro kit building. Lightweight airframes, detailed skin surfaces and a full fuselage provides a fantastic platform for your micro RC equipment. <p>The resulting models are worthy display replicas, but take to the sky with grace and predictable stability; indoors and out.</p></p><h1><b>A NEW</b> ERA</h1>
<p>If you've ever built a plastic kit or a card model, you'll feel very familiar with how the Aero kit assembles. Piece by numbered piece, the aircraft quickly takes shape. This is especially pleasing as most components have already been 'pre-painted' for you. <p>But if you're a fan of the old ways of Microaces, don't worry, there are still plenty of stickers to apply during the build! </p></p>


Making History

The ALL NEW Microaces AERO kits are created using a range of technologies and materials never brought together before in Microscale kits. From directly printed and laser cut Depron to fully illustrated, lightweight and strong polypropylene, the build is a cross between assembling a plastic kit and a card model. The build time can be as little as 4 hours, but who's rushing you?



MICROACES is back with a brand new, completely revised building system. We are incredibly excited to show what it looks like!

BUT we also need your support to ensure we can now continue delivering fantastic flying and fantastic looking kits. Are you ready to Make History?


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Depron Aero
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