<h1><b>Fw190 A7 </b>Red 13</h1>
<p>Flown by Luftwaffe Ace, Major Heinz Bär, the Fw190 known as 'Red 13' was pitched against the Allied onslaught of Germany during the later stages of WWII. The Microaces kit faithfully reproduces the A7 version of the famous 'Butcher Bird' and includes details specific to the aircraft such as the lack of the outer wing cannons, removed to maintain the agility of the aircraft and Major Bär at the controls wearing his talisman USAAF flying jacket with his Luftwaffe rank epaulettes.</p><h1><b>Major </b>Heinz Bär </h1>
<p>Heinz Bär served with the Luftwaffe throughout WWII, during which he fought on every German front and flew over 1000 missions. Promoted to a Major in 1944, his preferred mount was a Focke Wulf 190 A7 known as 'Red 13' in which he claimed his 199th victory. Major Bär's final tally of WWII was a staggering 221 aerial victories although he, himself was shot down on eighteen occasions. </p><h1><b>FLYING </b>HISTORY</h1>
<p>As with all Microaces kits, the enjoyment is not just about the build or the flying or even finding out about the history behind each aircraft, it's the sum of all these parts that gives the greatest pleasure. Perfecting scale chandelles, loops and barrel rolls will give the greatest sense of achievement for some. To others it will be sitting back and enjoying the detail with slow, steady and low level flypasts. Build, fly and enjoy. Microaces is Flying History!</p>

Focke Wulf 190 A-7 'Red 13'

flown by Major Heinz Bär 1944

From 1934 to 1945 Major Heinz Bär flew over 1000 combat missions over Europe, Russia and North Africa. In this time he was shot down 18 times but in return scored a staggering 221 aerial victories. His incredible piloting skills and leadership qualities saw him command an entire wing in the Defence of the Reich. The Microaces kit of the Majors Fw190 A-7 Red 13 comes complete with a removable centreline drop tank and profile scale undercarriage. Heinz is illustrated at the controls with his talisman, a USAAF flying jacket with his rank insignia sewn on to the epaulettes.

Everything is included in this 1/24th profile scale kit to enable you to build the complete airframe ready to install your compatible motor, ESC and RC equipment.


Deluxe Kit

INCLUDES AP05 5000kV brushless motor and XP-7A ESC.

£63.95 inc.VAT

£53.29 excluding VAT

Standard Kit

REQUIRES AP05 5000kV brushless motor and XP-7A ESC.

£42.95 inc.VAT

£35.79 excluding VAT



Defence of the Reich Combat Pack

Defence of the Reich Combat Twin Pack

Old Crow Vs Red 13

As the tide of the Allied offensive turned on the 3rd Reich during WWII, wave upon wave of escorted bombers inflicted incredible damage to Hitler's war machine. With the both the German army and luftwaffe in retreat as allied forces fought their way across mainland Europe, it was time for the Third Reich to defend its homeland and slow the Allied onslaught.

The Microaces Defence of the Reich Combat Twin Pack includes Deluxe Kit versions of the Fw190 'Red 13' and P51-D 'Old Crow'.

Kit Pack

INCLUDES AP05 5000kV brushless motor and XP-7A ESC for both kits

£99.95 inc.VAT

£83.29 excluding VAT

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Focke Wulf 190 A-7 'Red 13'

Technical Specification Aircraft Features
Scale1/24 ProfileAccurate Scale profile model
Wingspan406mmScale control surfaces
Length375mm'Down to the rivets' illustrated detail
Flying Weight65gRemovable scale undercarriage & tank
MotorAP05 5000KvAerobatic & near scale speed capability
Prop Size5 x 3Rugged airframe and components
Gearbox RatioDirect DriveClip in, clip out Rx mounting system
No. of channels4Authentic flight characteristics
Kit Content Additional Requirements
Pre cut 3mm Depron Aero airframeAdhesive & tools
Pre cut self adhesive aircraft coveringFoam safe adhesive (Rec. UHU por)
Carbon fibre wing & fuselage sparsCraft knife with new blade
Prop, spinner & adaptorSteel rule
Brushless Motor and ESC*Tweezers
Moulded Rx & battery mounting plate
Moulded Rx & battery door coversFor flight
Micro aileron servo & control hornSpektrum AR6400 or AR6400L receiver
Pre formed undercarriage wireDSM2 compat. 4+ channel transmitter
Pre formed aileron, rudder & elevator control linkages and control horns240mAh - 300mAh 1S 3.7V Lipo battery
Pre cut Depron wheels and plastic hubsCompatible Lipo battery charger
Die cut Hook & Loop fastenings
Comprehensive assembly instructions

Estimated 6-8hrs assembly time

*Included in the Deluxe Kit only

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